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CTERA Enterprise Data Services Platform CTERA's platform was put together to fully address the service delivery needs of the modern distributed enterprise while maintaining data security, governance and ease of access to end- users, wherever they are:

CTERA Explained in 2 Minutes

A New Breed of All-in-One, Cloud-Enabled Storage CTERA's Enterprise Data Service Platform enables enterprises and service providers to deliver of a suite of applications using their choice of private datacenter infrastructure, virtual private or public cloud infrastructure. CTERA combines cloud storage with on-premises appliances, managed end-point software agents, and mobile apps in a unified, secure architecture that delivers storage, data protection and collaboration capabilities in a single, cost-effective solution. CTERA Backups Hybrid Local/Cloud Backup: The Best of Both Worlds Cloud storage offers an ideal solution for off-site data protection, but presents a challenge when it comes to recovery and access time when compared with local disk-based backup. CTERA's hybrid approach combines the best of both worlds by performing dual backup: To a local appliance and to the cloud - in single, efficient solution.
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CTERA Portal CTERA's service delivery management console and middleware that connects to private and public cloud storage, provisions service plans, and centrally manages CTERA appliances and connected endpoints.
CTERA Cloud Storage Gateways             
CTERA End-Point Agents
CTERA Mobile Secure file access & collaboration on iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices.
Architecture CTERA's platform is a highly scalable, comprehensive, secure and interoperable system. It supports multiple storage back-ends, and provides a full set of built-in applications to support multiple use- cases. Its hybrid delivery architecture delivers an optimized user experience for both office-based and mobile users. Architected for large-scale corporate environments, CTERA provides integrations with directory services, monitoring, billing and provisioning systems using REST APIs.
All-in-one cloud-enabled managed appliances for remote office storage, with built-in NAS, backup and file sync & share capabilities.
Comprehensive backup and sync for endpoints and remote office servers.
Solutions Starting at under $10/month