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Patch Management

We now offer patch management services to keep your computers updated with all Microsoft patches. We understand your infrastructure circumstances are unique to your business and we have a solution that allows us to patch your computers during periods of low use.  The need to keep your computers secure and operational is becoming critical. This does not replace what we already do but enhances it to provide better network security and will allow us to detect many problems before they are even seen by end users. Our goal is to provide better service without hindering your productive time. Monitor computers to confirm all Microsoft patches are installed in a timely manor. Monitor anti-malware tools to make sure they are running and updated. Monitor alerts from US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) for security issues that effect you. Monitor disk usage to prevent space issues. Monitor computers for warnings that may indicate failures. Scan your network for devices that are vulnerable to attack. Generate compliance reports for audits. This service also allows us to fix issues when the user is not available or after business hours. Contact us today for a custom quote 
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