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Support is our main product!

We do whatever it takes to keep your systems running smoothly so you can concentrate on  running your business. If needed we will arrange to do maintenance and installations after  your business hours to help you optimize productivity.  By building in redundancy and keeping your systems up to date we avoid costly downtime  and repairs. If we can solve a problem on the phone or by remote access we will. If we need to  be onsite we try to get you back running the same day.  We also provide answers for your staff regarding software that is running. If we don’t know  the answer we will research the problem until we find an answer.   We help you plan for the future. We make recommendations for equipment replacement in  advance and let you know about estimated cost to help you budget and prevent unexpected  costs. We maintain loaner equipment for the rare occasion that we need to order parts. The goal is  always to keep your business running.  Our staff is available Monday - Friday 7AM to 4PM - After hours - night and weekend support is  available for emergencies
Keep your software updated.   Always install windows updates!!  Click on our icons above to get the latest updates from Java, Adobe Reader, Flash,  Shockwave, and Air  You need to update and run an anti-malware program at least once a week. Malwarebytes is a  great program to keep your computer clean and running smooth
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